Tuesday, November 11, 2008

S. Clay Wilson suffers severe brain injury

It seems S. Clay Wilson, famed underground cartoonist from the late 60's and beyond, was either mugged and beaten or fell down too many times on his way home from the bar and now has been diagnosed with severe brain damage.
Wilson was one of the first underground artists I got into, thanks to some early Mtv animated promos (child of the 80's, gimme a break) featuring his Checkered Demon cartoons. He and I share many similar interests: beer, pirates and goatees. Not to mention a belief that sex and violence are a legitimate artistic endeavor. He drew some of the most lurid art of his generation, and while he certainly had his fans, he never gained the prestige of some of his peers. He never became the 'World's greatest living artist' that Crumb is, or achieved the gallery success and artistic legitimacy of Robt. Williams; but he happily ruled his moderate kingdom, content to be surrounded by loved ones, booze and madness. He is in may ways, my hero. I hope he either recovers completely and quickly, or dies just the same way. I raise my glass to him today, Get Well Soon/Vaya con Dios.

Here's my hastily rendered version of his classic Checkered Demon character.


So I posted a mention of the demon doodle on Bruno/Hugo's blog and he challenged me to draw another Wilson character, Ruby the Dyke. Thing is, I can't remember what she looked like, so I did this instead, inspired by S. Clay Wilson.

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