Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ho12 Monthly #2 coming this week!!!

Ho12Monthly#2 cover by Cheese

Here we go again, House of Twelve Monthly #2 will be out on Comixology's Comics app Thursday! This month's issue features art from Kate Lacour, Victor "Bald Eagles" Cayro and yours truly, Cheese. Here's some samples...

Kate Lacour investigates the socio-political landscape
of McDonaldland in her Earth-shattering exclusive report, 'McThology.'

I made the mistake of trying to choose a single panel or sequence
of Bald Eagle's story, 'The Mazk!'
That turned out to be futile, so here's a whole page.

These dudes are The Feero, the main baddies in my new ongoing series, 'Richard Sharver and the Hollow Earth.'

All this and more await you in the May issue of House of Twelve Monthly, available Thursday, May 27 for your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad exclusively through Comixology's free comic reading app, Comics.

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