Friday, October 10, 2008

Comic Book Fight Club

To say the end of last night's comic jam was exciting would be appropriate.

So there we were, minding our business, jamming along, having a gay ole' time when this little Irish dude comes down into our room and takes a seat at one of the empty tables.  Not an uncommon occurrence in Demsey's. There are often wandering drunks exploring the catacombs of the building, it's part of it's charm; Dungeons & Drunks.  So, Little Mick the Drunk Elf comes down and plants himself there for a few minutes alone.  Soon enough he is joined by a rather large pal.  At first they seemed friendly enough, whispering softly to each other.  When they first grappled, it seemed like a brotherly embrace, then the big guy took Little Mick's head and bashed it into the bar, causing about a pint of blood to spurt out.  They continued to throw each other around for another minute as I ordered everyone to clear out (telling dashing Dave McKenna to get the bartender).  Little Mick kept up a decent fight for a minute or two until the other guy picked him up and dropped him on his head, he was out like a light after that.  As his eyes rolled back into his head, blood began to spread on the floor.

By the time the bartender came down I was kneeling over Mick, making sure he was alive and the big guy was charging for the door, I told the Bartender to to grab the guy, and he seemed to go after him, but he came back empty handed.  Evan was on the phone with 911, but they kept getting the address wrong.  They still hadn't arrived when we split. 

Mick came around a minute later and walked off to the bar and from last I had heard they were serving him another drink. We paid up and cleared out pretty quick after that. 

It was a red stained exclamation point to a pretty decent night of comic bookery.  

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