Thursday, October 9, 2008

SPX 2008

We had a pretty decent year at the Small Press Expo this year, we got a decent amount of attention, some nice sales numbers and drank more booze then anyone else there, again. 

We got in early on Friday evening, met up with a few pals, had a few drinks and moseyed over the the most average diner on earth for a completely adequate dinner.  Then we went back to Rafer Roberts room and drank a case of beer before going down to the main bar and mingling with the rest of the early arrivals. It was a nice way to slip into the weekend, very relaxing.  

The big news of the show was the reaction to Kate Allen's Milk-Teeth, it was an off the rack seller.  We kept putting them out on the table and half an hour later they'd be gone, it was really fun to watch.  Kate was also inundated with drawing requests, my personal favorite being two guys that saw a doodle she did with a sexy girl and a corn dog and they HAD TO HAVE personalized drawings of some sort of corn dog persuasion in their sketch books.  Classy.  At least she made a few bucks outta them.   She ended up getting more then a few publishers sniffing around, I fully expect her to be snatched up by one of them fairly soon.  I am becoming the Kevin Smith of comics.  If Miss and Kevin are my Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, then maybe Kate is my Jason Lee, but without all that creepy Scientologist weirdness. So be it, as long as they continue to come back and do my shitty books, who am I to complain?  

Anyways, Saturday night was our annual victory dance at Athenian Plaka (the best greek food I've ever had) we rushed back to see the Ignatz Awards, a chocolate fountain and the return of the drag-cheerleader.  Not to mention more mingling, more drinking and more late nights smoking out the windows. 

Sunday was a bust.  A much as Saturday was great, Sunday sucked.  The attendance was half of what it was on Saturday.  The drop off was astounding.  It was like being at a convention the day after it closed. OK, maybe not that bad, but pretty awful nonetheless. We pulled up stakes and hit the highway as soon as we could and cruised home at 80 the whole way, dropping everyone off in town around 10 pm, safe and sound.  

So with another successful year behind us we look forward to the next show, most likely Tcaf in Toronto next Spring (May 9-10, 2009).   

I got a few nice things, and some real stinkers.  I did miss out on what looked like the most awful thing there, there were these guys in the corner who were greeting folks with, "Hello, welcome to the Action Comics Unlimited Outpost!" and were hocking some really choice superhero books — and by choice, I mean holyshitbad.  Team 12 Man-at-Arms Dave McKenna searched out the only two legitimately porn comics at the show, both were pretty nice, although one was a little too cutesy for me. Kate found a really nifty mini from the guys who do Strange Detective Tales (one of my secret faves from last year) about a alien invasion, with nudity!  I'll do a full rundown later, over the weekend most likely.  Shit, it's time to get ready for the Jam, see you there.


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