Friday, May 29, 2009

The Real Deal at MoCCA

Picturebox will be selling copies THE REAL DEAL at MoCCA next week. As many of you might know, it's long been one of my favorite comics series ever printed. I am going to pick up new copies to replace my decade old, dog-eared collection. If you buy anything at MoCCA, buy these - oh, and any House of Twelve stuff would be nice too. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Well that worked out pretty well!

Having the jam a week early seemed to work out pretty well, we lost one or two people who have emailed me this week with, "When's the jam?" subject lines, but all in all it was fine.  Best of all it didn't cost me several hundred dollars in electronics, like the 1st April jam did (I left my ipod there). 

We'll be at TCAF next weekend, if you are of a Canadian persuasion, and in Toronto, swing on by and check all the indie comic fun.  We had a blast last year and look forward to going again this year.  Special thanks go to Porter Airlines, who have some kick-ass low airline fares, thank fucking god I don't have to drive again.  

And finally, here's a special look inside the life of yours truly.  I am moving into a new apartment over the next few weeks and as with a lot of things, I get caught up doing stupid shit that never actually is helpful, like making a to scale map of the new joint in Illustrator.  i took a copy to the jam and here's how it was decided to decorate. 

I like Tom Motley's idea of a boob rug.