Monday, August 24, 2009

House of Twelve #5: Touching Children's Stories is done!

I'm going to spend the evening taking one last look over Ho12#5 and then it's going to the printer. I am abso-fucking-lutely thrilled to say it's done. It looks great too! The book will make it's big debut at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD next month and be available from then too. It'll also be one of the first things you can get from us on the iPhone through Comics by Comixology come October (along with a series of selections from the back catalog). Ho12#5 will retail for $7.95 for the paper version and $1.99 for the digital. It is 72 pages, has a full color cover by Kevin Colden and Miss Lasko-Gross and black and white interiors and is our first All-Ages book. Contributors include: Nick Jeffery, Jenny Gonzalez, Fufu Frauenwahl, Kate Lacour, Dave McKenna and yours truly, to name a few. Be sure to get your hands on it any way you can!

Next up: redesigning the website and getting ready for the monthly Ho12 book through Comics starting in January.

edit: I can't spell!