Monday, September 13, 2010

Ho12 Monthly #2 emerges!

Holy Shit, it's actually out!

That's right folks, after a nearly summer-long series of "discussions" with the powers that be, House of Twelve Monthly #2 is actually available for your viewing pleasure. You can get the new issue two ways. You can get the e-book for your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad through the app, Comics (by Comixology, Inc), it's sort of an itunes for comic books. Once in the app, click on browse, and type House of Twelve into the search bar. Or you can now purchase the title through Comixology's new web based comic reader (Direct link here). Issue number two is over 70 digital 'pages' and costs a measly $1.99.

Ho12 Monthly#2 is an amalgam of two separate issues, combined to make one super-sized, super-awesome, super-nerdy extravaganza containing stories by Kate Lacour, Fred Noland, David Paleo, Cheese Hasselberger and Dave McKenna. Adventures a-plenty in this massive installment; explore the hidden lives of licensed properties to a look into a wondrous world beneath your feet.

Now go out and buy this goddamn thing, and remember to rate it!


Oh, here are some samples...

From Dave McKenna's Creeple

From kate Lacour's McThology

From Fred Noland's Big Green

From David Paleo's I Haunted My Mother's Womb:

From Cheese's Richard Sharver and the Hollow Earth: