Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What should we name it?

Somewhere in the world there are a dozen cartoonists working on comics for Ho12's iPhone project with Comixology. With that underway there are several things we need to take care of so we can start on the next phases of the project. One being, what the hell do we call it? So far I've got a few ideas, but none really stick. Any ideas? So far my fave is iHo12, but that's kinda tired.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Pros and Cons of Brooklyn

I was pretty vocal about my disgust about last year's MoCCA Festival and opined for an alternative. Apparently my cries were heard and two new 'indie' shows haves sprung up in the last few weeks.

First is KingCon, happening in early November. The show is a spin-off off the Brooklyn ZineFest. At first it sounded like a good idea, but the more and more I heard about it the more it soured. The program lists several seemingly unrelated events including a classic video gaming championship, a LOLcat caption contest and several panels revolving around DC and their various properties. That doesn't sound too 'indie,' it also burned my ass that the Zinefest tables were $40 and KingCon tables are $200 and up. I nearly jumped on this show regardless.

Then Ho12 iPhone contributor Sam Henderson clued me in to the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, happening on December 5th. So far this show's guests include Charles Burns, Kim Deitch, Gary Panter and about a half-dozen more solid, alternative cartoonists. The show is being put on by the Brooklyn comics shop Desert Island and publisher PictureBox, so their indie cred is pretty grounded. I don't think they'll be any LOLcat naming contests at that show.
So, for a multitude of reasons I'm going with the BCGF, the paperwork is on its way and looks like we'll be seeing you in December.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ho12 on ISR!

Today's Indie Spinner Rack podcast features Dave McKenna and I talking up Ho12#5, Monstaland and the iPhone deali-o. Check it out, we were hungover, but I think that only enhanced the love.