Monday, December 29, 2008

January Jam

Some people might think, "Hey, it's the first thursday of the month, it's time for the comic jam!" They'd be wrong this month. Because the first Thursday lands on New Years Day, we're pushing it off a week to offer our drunk members a chance to consider alcohol a viable option again. So look for our fat assed selves on Thursday, January 8th. Same drunk time (7pm), same drunk station (Demsey's Pub).

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Anti-Social Networking

So after long being denied for having the name 'Cheese' I finally got around to joining the social networking nightmare that is Facebook. There is now a Ho12 group there, join up and rock out. Book release dates, deadlines, jams and parties will all be cross posted here and there.

Click here to become socially networked to the House of Twelve.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Spain Rodriguez

Here's a neat little vid I snatched from Heidi over at The Beat, a 2 minute rant about counter-culture from noted undergound scenester Spain Rodriguez. He also talks about his book, CHE: A Graphic Biography. Check it out to the big dog.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Victor Cayro comic

Victor Cayro
has posted a new story that was rejected by Vice! magazine, they are retarded. Read it on his Flickr Stream (6 pages, page 6 is posted in the comments on page 5).

Go read it, now. It starts off a little slow, but picks up and by page six it's a motherfucking masterpiece.

MoCCA Moves!

According to Ace MacDonald over at Publishers Weekly's The Beat, the annual MoCCA sow in New York has a new home, the much celebrated 69th Regiment Armory. Swank! I really like the Armory, it's a massive, yet beautiful room with mile-high ceilings and a very chill atmosphere. I am enthused. Look at me being enthused.

In other news, so I come into my office today and find one of my co-workers has received a book for Xmas entitled, Stuff White People Like, based on the website I guess. But I pick it up and open it to any random page and am hit smack in the face with a picture of Ho12 pal and soon to be contributor, Chris "G$" Garrison. Who shared several small apartments with yours truely in the early 90s. Neat!

Ho12 XXX-Mas Party tomorrow night, bitches.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How gay is Cheese?

Oh, very gay.

As you may have noticed, down there on the right of the page you'll notice that my Xbox has it's own blog. Recently the xbox underwent a system upgrade that makes you have these little cartoony game people to represent yourself. This is mine. Allow me to introduce to you, Bowlringer.

In other News

Kevin is rumored to be on the TV this week. Seems G4's Attack of the Show has a comics segment, Fresh Ink, in which Fishtown will be discussed. Sweet. I have been DVRing the show since he got the call last week, thing is, they play the damned thing seven times a day. I had to delete approximately 12 episodes of it last night.


The Ho12 XXX_mas party is this Saturday at Casa de Fromage. If you want in, drop me a line, it should be a good time; food, booze, music, nerds! Dancing in the aisles is not permitted.